African Migrants Solidarity - AMIS

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African Migrants Solidarity - AMIS

Project Story

The main objective of the African Migrants Solidarity - AMIS project is to facilitate, promote and protect migrant, refugee and asylum seekers rights to access health care in public health care facilities within Johannesburg. The project, through an official MOA with the City of Johannesburg, provides translation services to facilitate health care service delivery for migrants at Esselen, Mayfair, Joubert Park, Yeoville and Rosettenville clinics within the inner-City of Johannesburg.

AMIS management team in collaboration with the City’s health department embarked on a series of training workshop sessions covering the aims of the project, an introduction to the City of Johannesburg's healthcare facilities, Code of Conduct and professional ethics, monitoring and evaluation tools, translation principles, practices and ethics and basic HIV and AIDS and TB counselling, patient responsibilities and Rights. Fifteen participants were trained.

The project has facilitated communication between health care providers and patients who have difficult to communicate in local languages and over a three month period 1, 038 beneficiaries or clients have been helped. Clients who have experienced these services and were satisfied have disseminated the information to their communities and many clients are interested in the translations services. Migrants who have heard about the services are coming in number to the clinics to seek and receive healthcare services.