Relemogile Advice Office

Supporting Civil Society Initiatives On Land And Tenure Rights

Relemogile Advice Office

Project Story

The Mopani District Municipality (Greater Tzaneen Municipality), surrounded by farms, is home to farm dwellers / workers, potential farm dwellers and a large number of unemployed youth. This is an important community targeted by the Relemogile Advice Office.

In order to reach as many people as possible and to spread information quickly, the organisation chose to implement the Rights Awareness project through events targeting sports and culture. A number of activities and workshops were held at schools and sports grounds to cover farm workers / farm dwellers rights, and to look at relevant legislation. Separate youth dialogues were held where the youth discussed and shared issues affecting them, how and where to find assistance. Community members affected by land rights issues are already coming forward for redress and for further information.

The advice office plans to continute to increase awareness through further events, visit farms with Inspectors from the Department of Labour, and reach out to other areas in the Mopani district by creating a pool of volunteers to roll out activities.