Where has the water gone? Rights of the poor to water

Promotion and Fulfilment of Constitutional Rights ?? ??oWhere has all the water gone?"""

Where has the water gone? Rights of the poor to water

Project Story

TCOE – Trust for Community Outreach and Education was established by the late Steve Biko in 1983. TCOE is a national organisation that operates mainly in the rural areas of South Africa. TCOE has six affiliates and these regional operations have their own governance structures and regional support staff. The main work and experience of the organisation in the past ten years has been to stimulate the building of local organisations, local leadership and assist these associations to access land and productive assets to improve their livelihoods.

In the debate about land reform and rural economic transformation, water and politics associated with it is often taken for granted and only when the production is at a crisis point due to lack of water is the issue viewed with the seriousness it deserves. The work of the Department of Water Affairs and the municipalities, with regard to provision of water services, is plagued with a wide range of challenges that are indicative of the weaknesses of our governance structures. This is a report of a study of the experiences of small-scale farmers, belonging to farmer associations and land rights forums based in the rural villages of Western and Eastern Cape. The study is aimed at telling the story of small-scale farmers with particular regard to how the patterns of accessing water resources are impacting on their prospects for development as farmers.

Download the booklet from the Trust for Community Outreach (TCOE).