Aganang Community Radio Station

Promotion and Fulfilment of Constitutional Rights

Aganang Community Radio Station

Project Story

Aganang FM Community Radio’s aim is

  • To promote constitutional rights through mass media communication channels by broadcasting a programme to our beneficiaries as educational content through debates, dialogues and workshops
  • To bring closer and work hand in hand with other NGOs, CBO, Civil Organizations, and Government Departments, Pro poor Legal Organizations, Agencies, Section 9 Institutions with the view to either educate people with the services offered by various offices or facilitate a process for the community to access justice

aganang.jpgMass media was used to educate the community on Older Persons Rights, Children’s Rights, Natural Capital Rights Activity, Women’s Rights, Physical Capital Rights and the combined workshop on all the rights activities that the community might be facing today.  The Programme is informative and relevant ‘to our empowerment zone which is mainly youth, woman, older persons and general community members that rely on community radio for information’.

Read one of the listener’s experiences:

Miss Ntshembe Noto after listening to the Physical Capital Right Radio slot was able to report a case of infrastructure that speaks directly to service delivery issues affecting the residence of Ward 20 in Ext 11. Miss Ntshembe Noto was paying all other services except the electricity. The electricity infrastructure had been developed and promises were made to connect all the 25 households with electricity boxes and cables in order for families to start using the electricity but those promises were never fulfilled since January 2013. She decided to buy herself the electricity box with the cable and called the Infrastructure Department to install the services. After the services were installed other community members started to complain and accused the Ward Councillor – Mr. Dodo Maneli for the unfair treatment. Cllr Dodo Maneli decided to take the short route by disconnecting the house in order to satisfy other community members.

Miss Ntshembe Noto decided to approach AganangFM with the story and we arrange for her to be one of our guests. When our News Editor/Producer was preparing for the show by calling the Chief Whip of the ANC – Mr. Thabo Mosiane to allow Cllr Dodo Maneli to be part of the show and the Infrastructure Department to come and explain what happened, Miss Ntshembe Noto called us and hour later to tell us that services have been restored and she can access electricity. The other 24 houses are still without electricity and our team will now focus on getting the relevant parties to install the services.