Ecuadorian Government Campaign

Transnational corporations in developing countries

The Ecuadorian Government, in its commitment to the defense  of Human Rights and the Rights of Nature and the environment, is carrying out  an information and awareness campaign about the violations and damages caused by transnational corporations in developing countries.

The information relating to this campaign has been incorporated in several advertising spots, documentaries and audiovisual material of various kinds that is available online and in several languages including English.

The videos and documentaries are the following:

-          Why the Chevron case is important (animation)

-          The Black Cry of the Jungle (documentary)

-          The Affected (documentary)

-          We do not agree (advertising plan)

-          Chevron versus the Amazon (documentary)

-          Inside the UN: The Fight against Corporate Impunity (documentary)

-          The Empire Files: Interview with Rafael Correa

To access the videos and documentaries you can use the link