Call for Applications: Mogambri Moodliar Human Rights Award 2016

The FHR invites all grantees to submit projects for the Mogambri Moodliar Human Rights Award 2016.

The Foundation for Human Rights (FHR) is a grant making institution supporting civil society organisations in South Africa, and the region, to implement programmes which promote and protect human rights.

The FHR invites all grantees to submit projects for the Mogambri Moodliar Human Rights Award 2016.


The award is issued by the FHR in honour and remembrance of Mogambri Moodliar, or MC as he was affectionately known. MC was the Legal Director, Office Manager and Project Manager for Socio Economic Rights at the FHR. He joined FHR on 1 June 2006, until his untimely passing on 4 November 2013. Before 1994, Moodliar served as a dedicated lawyer during the apartheid era for political prisoners including those on Robben Island who are now prominent leaders. He continued to serve the course of social justice by providing pro bono services to marginalised and vulnerable groups in South Africa through his legal practice in Durban after 1994. MC served as the Legal Director at the South African Human Rights Commission from 1997 to 2006. 


  • Projects funded by the FHR that show a positive impact on the lives of beneficiaries, especially marginalised and vulnerable groups.
  • Projects that have adhered to their contractual obligations.
    • Only projects that have already been implemented will be considered for the Award. ‘Implemented’ means that enough progress must have been made for a project to be assessed.
    • An organisation that has more than one contracts with the FHR is also allowed to participate in the Award and therefore multiple projects from the same organisation can be submitted and reviewed.

Selection criteria

    • Grantees can request that their project be considered for the awards.
    • Programme Managers and Project Officers may submit successful projects which in their opinion are worthy of consideration.


    • Each year FHR will give three (3) awards at the Annual General meeting, in three prizes namely First (1st), Second (2nd) and Third (3rd).
    • Each of the three awards will be accompanied by a small grant to the organisation to continue activities related to Human Rights Education and Awareness.
    • The recipients will be invited to participate at the FHR AGM. FHR will make short video which sets out information about the impact the project has made to the beneficiaries of the projects.
    • The videos will be shown during the presentation of the awards.
    • The successful projects will be introduced by the FHR Project Manager/Officers, who will also receive due recognition.

Submission and review panel

  • The review panel shall comprise of PMU members.
  • Programme Managers and Officers will be allowed to present their projects.
  • The PMU, avoiding any conflict of interest, makes the decision as to who the recipients for the awards will be.



Announcing Call for Applications

1 November 2016

Application Deadline

18 November 2016

Selecting the Winners

21-25 November 2016

Announcing the Winners

28 November 2016

Short Video

29 November to 9 December 2016


All queries should be emailed to communications(at)fhr.org.za